Venue Partner

Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups, investors, and the world’s largest corporations. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have built accelerator programs, corporate innovation services, and an in-house VC to make technological advancement progress faster than ever before. To give startups the necessary resources to succeed in Silicon Valley and beyond, we are now active in 25 locations globally, including U.S., China, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Accelerator Programs

Our programs are industry themed to ensure that our startups and corporate partners make the most meaningful connections for their business.

Corporate Innovation

We empower specific business units by pin-pointing their business challenges and matching them to the startups with the right solutions.


We invest in over 250 startups a year and have connections to 300 of the world’s best VCs. If you’re looking to raise a round, we have the perfect ecosystem for you to do it.

Plug n Play Tech Conference Center

440 N Wolfe Road. Sunnyvale, California 94085